SWOT Analysis

There are many things that must be taken into consideration when preparing myself for this career. This is my SWOT analysis, this stands for and will explain, my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats all of which will relate to my dream job. I have several strengths that will help me obtain this career, the first is that I’m currently studying at QUT Kelvin Grove, to better myself and learn, the next is that I know their brand as I have grown up reading and loving Vogue magazines, I also know their audiences as I am part of it, finally I am good at organisation which is necessary for this career path. However, I have multiple weaknesses that will need to be worked on before I can consider applying for this career these are as follows. I have no experience, a way to better myself here is to apply for intern positions at smaller magazines and work my way around and up smaller magazines. I am not qualified for this job however that is why I am at university to make myself qualified. Finally, I am not amazing at writing, this will come through more extensive practise and possibly more classes in writing. There are opportunities for me to be as prepared as possible for my dream career, these are to gain more experience, QUT offers many programs that let you get as much experience as possible while still undertaking your studies. Alternatively, I can find my own work experience at other magazines outside of the programs QUT runs. There are several threats for me to get into this career. The first is that the industry is shrinking due to the emerging digital age, this means that they will not be hiring as frequently as they have in previous years. The location is also an issue as I would have to move to work at Vouge Australia, their main base is in New South Wales and I currently live in Queensland. Finally, there would be a lot of competition for this role, as it is Vogue and they are a very prestigious brand. Overall it is possible but would be very difficult, taking time and effort.


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