Justification of Font

The font that is used by Vogue most likely is either a form of Didot or Bodoni.





As you can see from above both of these are very similar to what the vogue logo looks like. Unfortunately, neither of these fonts were able to be used for my blog on wordpress so I tried to find what I thought the most similar font was out of my options to choose from. My options were as follows Abril Fatface, Alegrya, Alegreya Sans, Anonymous Pro, Arimo, Cherry Swash, Cinzel, Exo 2, Fondamento, Gentium Book Basic, Karla, Lato, Libre Baskerville, Lobster Two, Lora, Merriweather, Merriweather Sans, Montserrat, Muli, Noticia Text, Noto Sans, Noto Serif, Open Sans, Oswald, PT Sans, PT Serif, Playfair Display, Quattrocento Sans, Roboto Slab, Source Code Pro, Source Sans Pro, Tangerine, Ubuntu and Vollkorn.

Out of these options I decided on Playfair Display as with the Vogue logo the right side of the “V” is thinner than the left, in my name I have a capital “V” which was useful to check that the same looking “V” was used as it was in Vogue. This is why I have chosen this font.



Image source: https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-font-used-for-the-Vogue-magazine-logo


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