Banner Design

The banner in Vogue is jet black with the Vogue logo in the centre of the screen, this “Vogue” is their logo and is in capital letters. The logo itself switches between being black or white depending on what background it is on, however on the Vogue website they have it as white on a black background. Directly under the banner is a slideshow of featured photos ranging in colour, from different articles that can be found on the Vogue website however the banner itself is monochromatic. I had trouble with my banner at the start when using another theme, before finding this final theme, it allowed me to have a black top to my banner before moving into the white of my banner. I have placed my name in it to mimic the look that Vogue has, however I have put my name in my feature colour as this, I feel, shows more of my personality through it. Directly under my banner I have different buttons to go to different sections of my blog as Vogue has on their website. I did not want to go too over the top and do a big mural or something like that, for my banner as I wanted to keep it similar to Vogues website. However, I feel that my banner accurately gets my message across with as much of my personality in it as any other section of my blog.


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