Justification of Colour Pallet

The colour pallet is where I show the most of who I am I believe. In Vogue they use black and white for everything except for the featured photos for each of the articles. This is where they incorporate the colour into the website, this can be found in the three columns or the slideshow that are further discussed in my “Justification of Theme” post. This pop of colour works for them as they are attracting the widest audience possible, they also have many of these featured images as celebrities, to gain further attention from audiences. I on the other hand have stuck to a very monochromatic look as I am looking towards a smaller audience of possible employers, this also gives my blog a more mature look. I have a feature colour on my blog to add some extra interest and make sure my blog was not bland, as I still wanted a creative pop of colour. I chose red as my feature colour as this is one of my favourite colours and I have loved it for quite some time now. I find red to be a stark colour against black and white making this one of my favourite colour palettes in general, so that is why I have chosen those colours.


Image Source: https://au.pinterest.com/explore/black-white-red/


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