Justification of Theme

The reason I have chosen this theme is because when looking at the Vogue website they use a big header with the title – VOGUE – in the centre, I have put my name as the title as the blog is about me, I have also made the letters in my name as capitals as all of the letters in Vogue in the header are captials, mainly as this is their logo. They then move on to a slide show of important stories, I searched far and wide but could not find any sort of slideshow for the start of my blog so instead I went with putting the photos of some of my featured posts up, I can rotate this to create a different look over time.

The vogue website also has the header with different titles and locations to take you on their website along the top, I have made mine the same. Then moving down the website of vogue they have a larger column to the right hand side of the page, with areas to connect so I have also put mine in the same position. They then post all their stories in three columns at different heights for each, I could not find a theme that did everything I had already done and put the posts in three columns so I decided on the posts being under each other as this is the format that looks the nicest to me and gives the blog my own personal spin.  


Image Source: http://ebonyvogue.tumblr.com/


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