Holidays on the Horizon!

That’s right this lucky gal is jetsetting off this winter. I’m heading to Europe visiting Italy and Croatia, stopping by at Sydney and Dubai. I’ll see what lucky snaps I can get of the summer fashion over there that is sure to hit our stores next summer. I’m running from the cold winter in Australia to soak up some rays in sunny Croatia in their summer.

My grandfather was Croatian and grew up in Rovinj, so I’m off to see his hometown and explore that beautiful country.


Future holidays I’m planning on:


New York: A three to four week trip a week of which will be spent to thoroughly explore central park, go to at least one Broadway show, explore the upper east side xoxo.


Sydney/Melbourne: Spend a week in either Sydney or Melbourne with a friend to explore and try different things, (such as food, I’ll look more into the options for us foodies)


Europe: My friend and I have been planning to do a big trip around Europe for some time now. When I say big, I mean big. Visiting England, Greece and the Greek Islands, Italy, France (and Disneyland of course), Switzerland, Germany, Budapest and many more. Suggestions are welcome!


England, Scotland and Ireland: I love the English accents, and Scottish and Irish and pretty much any accent. So super excited to be surrounded by some of my favourite accents, plus amazing scenery what more could a gal ask for?


Fiji: A possible trip to celebrate graduating uni, nice and relaxing exactly what the doctor ordered!

What holidays are you guys wishing for because let me tell ya I’ve always got them planned it’s just up to my wallet to see if I can actually go on any of them.



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