Recycling Fashion Fails into Must-Haves

We live in a world where fashion is everywhere. Due to the high demand of ever-changing looks, fashion is always evolving and regularly recycling previous trends.

faux pas

This is the top five fashion faux pas making a comeback.


I cannot begin this article without mentioning ripped jeans, or if you prefer, distressed denim. Wear these and you will be guaranteed a comment on how they need to be sown up, as though you didn’t realise they were ripped. This trend can be seen on those making a quick dash to a coffee shop all the way up to a beautiful black tie event. While this remains an almost radical looking trend towards some of the older generation it originated in the 60’s with Andy Warhol, it was more of a flop back then it has certainly make an incredible comeback to present day.


The next fashion faux pas that is making its steadily growing comeback is the scrunchie. Previously this hair accessory would be reserved for the nerdy girl with glasses but due the change of the stigma around this persona, being nerdy is the new trendy. Youtuber Zoella is a big supporter of this trend and as expected this trend will always be supported by Sarah Jessica Parker, her full curly hair wrapped in a scrunchie is one of her iconic looks. Sex and the City vibes anyone?


There was formerly time when pairing denim jeans with a denim jacket was taboo, now this trend is coming back into fashion. We’re unsure yet whether this will last but anything is possible with fashion. Again, celebrities are driving force that is bringing this trend back into everyday fashion, seen on Kim Kardashian, Miranda Kerr and many more.

oh god

Socks and sandals or as seen on several celebrities, socks and heels. Yes, it’s time to admit that while you may not wish it to be true this trend is coming right back into fashion, the jury is still out on whether it ever was in fashion. This look can be seen on runways and fashion shows around the world, catwalks are typically home to very outrageous and bold choices for the models to wear and socks and heels is no different. The models having been paving the way for this trend to hit the streets in no time.


And finally the last faux pas that is making its comeback are leggings as pants. Seen more and more frequently recently, this trend has no intention of slowing down. Typically seen on models to show off their perfectly sculpted and incredibly long legs. Especially useful if you want to wear boots as the leggings can stay inside without being too bulky.


There you have it, time to hit the streets with something you would never be caught dead in because you never know if it will be the next trend.


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