About Me

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Alice Vosten is a Media and Communication student with ambitions of working in a fast-paced environment with ever-changing roles, allowing each day to be unique. She loves diversity and growing her skills in this process. Her dream job would be the editorial coordinator at Vogue in either Australia, Britain or the United States.

Alice has previous experience with both magazines and marketing. In her final year of high school in 2015, Alice was appointed editor in chief at her schools’ magazine and she thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, the rush for deadlines and the enjoyable duty of creating the final pages. It was during this time that she was constantly seen with a pile of multi-coloured highlighters and her diary that is filled with deadlines and appointments keeping her busy yet still on top of everything.

Being the editor of the magazine was no easy task however she had previously acquired the skill, organisation, and this only furthered her proficiency with time management. Throughout this time staying organised was the reason why she stayed so level headed which is considered another one of her skills and she is often commended on this. Working as the editor of the school’s magazine heightened her ability to work in a team environment. She relied on her team to help produce pages as the deadlines neared. She has further refined this skill through her degree as she has had to work on many projects with different people each time. She finds it a rewarding experience gaining insight and interesting ideas that members will bring to the projects. Bringing to light two of the professional values that Alice admires which are creativity and imagination. She finds it interesting how when posed with the same question, many people tackle it in unique ways with creative outcomes based on the skills they possess.

Alice worked as a netball umpire for three years before working for Target Australia for four years. Both jobs are heavily customer service based further developing another one of Alice’s skills of communication and kindness to which she is often praised about. She strives to achieve the main two professional values that she admires which are determination and hard work. Constantly either at university working on assessment or working at Westfield Chermside as a concierge member, Alice works hard for the future she dreams of.

Alice also helped the marketing team at Westfield Chermside during the non-stop Christmas shopping experience that the centre hosted. The centre was giving away prizes for customers throughout the early hours of the morning. Alice had the duty to put the entries into the barrel, spin the barrel and draw the winners name. This required a great deal of organisation, teamwork and honestly all of which are skills Alice confidently holds.

Alice is unique in several ways however at the core of her is the lust for travel. She has been many places in her life and plans to see much more. She’s been to Asia, Europe and both North and South America seeing awe-inspiring sights and diverse cultures

Her goal in life is to have a career and life that she loves. Her career involving the traits, values and aspects that have been discussed. She hopes to have an exciting life filled with creativity.